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Why Relevé Event Professionals

  1. 24 years of ultimate event production and destination management experience.
  2. Independent, woman-owned and owner-operated; never franchised and no “cookie-cutter” programs.
  3. Inspired, Inventive, Innovative, Imaginative (dare we say Ingenious)?
  4. Professional, reliable, efficient – and always mindful of your project budget and goals.
  5. We listen to you and we never forget that our reputation builds on your results.

The meetings and special events industry has been our passion for the past quarter century. We are constantly growing, staying abreast of current and emerging trends, technology, legal and ethical issues. As leading event professionals, Relevé Unlimited supports industry standards and adheres to our profession’s codes of ethics, standards, and conduct.


Meetings Professional International (MPI) Principles of Professionalism

As members of Meeting Professionals International, we are responsible for ensuring that the meeting industry is held in the highest public regard throughout the world. Our conduct directly impacts this result. Maintaining Professional Integrity:

  • Honestly represent and act within one’s areas of professional competency and authority without exaggeration, misrepresentation or concealment.
  • Avoid actions which are or could be perceived as a conflict of interest or for individual gain.
  • Offer or accept only appropriate incentives, goods and services in business transactions.

Utilizing Professional Business Practices:

  • Honor written and oral contracts, striving for clarity and mutual understanding through complete, accurate and timely communications, while respecting legal and contractual rights of others.
  • Ensure rights to privacy and protect confidentiality of privileged information received verbally, in writing, or electronically.
  • Refrain from misusing solicited information, proposals or concepts.
  • Commit to the protection of the environment by responsible use of resources in the production of meetings.
  • Actively pursue educational growth through training, sharing of knowledge, expertise and skills, to advance the meeting industry.

Respecting Diversity:

  • Embrace and foster an inclusive business climate of respect for all peoples regardless of national origin, race, religion, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental impairment.

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