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Beach Bonfires for Groups: PERCEPTIVE PROGRAMMING

Beach Bonfires for Groups — Leave Them Wanting S’more

Beach Bonfires for Groups

Beach Bonfires for Groups — Leave Them Wanting S’more

The salt air, white sand, setting sun and a blazing bonfire. There’s no better way for your guests to say “goodbye” (or “hello”) to a Southern California coastal meeting venue than an evening bonfire. We local’s bonfire all the time because it’s an inexpensive and unpretentious pleasure that touches all the senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Producing memorable beach bonfires for groups is a little more complicated, though. The city and state entities that govern southern California coastal access require corporate and associations groups to obtain permits that guarantee the safety of attendees and all beachgoers, as well as limiting government liability. And the permitting process can involve several meetings with city / state park staff, liaising with lifeguards, security and vendors.

In addition to permitting, planners need to consider transportation and noise issues, local laws surrounding alcohol on the beach, and even the materials used to serve food and drink. The trouble-free way for meeting planners to organize beach bonfires for groups is to hire a local destination management company (DMC) like Relevé Unlimited to design, permit and produce an outstanding event.

Recent beach bonfire events produced by Relevé have included food trucks, full service catering, cocktail bars, s’more stations, music entertainment and plenty of beach games.

Call on Relevé Unlimited to make the process of producing your next beach bonfire as easy as, well, melting marshmallows.

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