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About Us

Our passion for event planning, production, and destination management services derives from the qualities of our founder and president, Diane Hamilton. Her determination, focus, and fortitude are the qualities that won her a coveted “Top 10” ranking in the demanding sport of the Triathlon. Those same qualities provided the foundation from which Diane built her own “soft adventure” company, Pathfinder Tours.

In the early 1990’s, Pathfinder Tours provided leisure and corporate groups with bicycling and hiking tour experiences throughout Santa Barbara wine country, evolving in 1995 into a full-service destination management company (DMC): Business Executives Travel Association, Inc. – BETA, for short.

As BETA grew and delivered exceptional Santa Barbara corporate and incentive events for dozens of Fortune 500 clients, we were asked by those same companies to provide full-service site selection, event planningproduction , and destination management  services across the globe.

In 2005, Diane led her BETA team through a company restructure and rebranding to become Relevé Unlimited, offering the ultimate in one-stop event planning and production services in addition to our core destination management and event design offerings.

“Relevé” is the French ballet term for “on your toes” or “reach higher” – and exemplifies the elevated sense of excitement, and dedication to excellence, that the entire Relevé Unlimited team embrace.

Elevate Your Events with Relevé Unlimited to REACH HIGHER success.

Our Values

We strive everyday to live up to our vision of Relevé Unlimited as The Finest Independent Destination Management Company in Southern California. Our dynamic team of creative individuals is dedicated to the common purpose of working hard to achieve excellence for their clients while embracing an exceptional joie de vivre – or “joy of life.” Relevé Unlimited operates in fulfillment of our mission to:

  1. Live by our Relevé team’s values of putting our clients first, ascertaining their needs and how to meet them.
  2. Endeavor to exceed our client’s desired outcome, constantly evaluating our own performance.
  3. Have a zest for life and enjoy our work.

We work by our Relevé Unlimited motto: Our reputation builds on the results we secure for our clients.

Our Process

While it is essential that you collaborate with an experienced event producer, Relevé Unlimited does not believe in cookie-cutter event design. From the proposal stage through event execution and post-event evaluation, the Relevé Unlimited team listens to our clients and crafts complete one-of-a-kind designs that deliver kudos for you and your event. While we are fully invested and proud of our work, we always remember that it is your event, your company, and your reputation that relies on our successful delivery of your event vision.

Why Relevé Event Professionals

  1. 25+ years of premium event production and destination management experience.
  2. Independent, woman-owned and owner-operated; never franchised and no “cookie-cutter” programs.
  3. Inspired, Inventive, Innovative, Imaginative.
  4. Professional, reliable, efficient – and always mindful of your project budget and goals.
  5. We listen to you and we never forget that our reputation builds on your results.

The meetings and special events industry has been our passion for the past quarter century. We are constantly growing, staying abreast of current and emerging trends, technology, legal and ethical issues. As leading event professionals, Relevé Unlimited supports industry standards and adheres to our profession’s codes of ethics, standards, and conduct.

Meetings Professional International (MPI) Principles of Professionalism

As members of Meeting Professionals International, we are responsible for ensuring that the meeting industry is held in the highest public regard throughout the world. Our conduct directly impacts this result. Maintaining Professional Integrity:

  • Honestly represent and act within one’s areas of professional competency and authority without exaggeration, misrepresentation or concealment.
  • Avoiding actions which are or could be perceived as a conflict of interest or for individual gain.
  • Offer or accept only appropriate incentives, goods and services in business transactions.

Utilizing Professional Business Practices:

  • Honor written and oral contracts, striving for clarity and mutual understanding through complete, accurate and timely communications, while respecting legal and contractual rights of others.
  • Ensure rights to privacy and protect confidentiality of privileged information received verbally, in writing, or electronically.
  • Refrain from misusing solicited information, proposals or concepts.
  • Commit to the protection of the environment by responsible use of resources in the production of meetings.
  • Actively pursue educational growth through training, sharing of knowledge, expertise and skills, to advance the meeting industry.

Respecting Diversity:

  • Embrace and foster an inclusive business climate of respect for all peoples regardless of national origin, race, religion, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental impairment.

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Our Team

Diane Hamilton

Diane Hamilton

President & Founder


When I’m not working, you’ll find me dragging myself out of bed at 5:00 am to get to the pool in time for a solid swim workout before the day begins. Because if it doesn’t happen then, it won’t happen at all! By 5:00 p.m., it’s Time for Wine!

Something that might surprise you about me is that I cry over engagements, weddings, birthdays, graduations, the National Anthem, sad movies, babies… and puppies!

One of my favorite quotes is from Erin Hanson a 19-year-old Australian writer (e.h.; http://thepoeticunderground.com): “What if I fall?” “Oh but my darling, What if you fly?”

Train well, race smart and win! The same passion, determination, focus, and fortitude that won Diane a coveted national “Top 10” ranking in the demanding sport of the Triathlon are the qualities that provided her the foundation to start her own company nearly 25 years ago. Winning has never been “enough” for Diane – while providing the very best in creative event design and production that exceeds her clients’ expectations is always Diane’s foremost goal, she counts on her team to maintain their uncommon zest for life as they pursue their passion for excellence at work. Diane received her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies from California State University at Northridge and maintains active memberships in Financial & Insurance Conference Planners (FICP), Meeting Professionals International (MPI), and the International Special Events Society (ISES).

Curt CraggCurt Cragg

Account Executive

When I’m not working, you’ll find me in the Wilderness… so you may not be able to find me.

Something that might surprise you about me is that I have six children and two grandchildren… and counting.

One of my favorite quotes is “Keep close to nature’s heart and break clear once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” – John Muir

Curt’s first career started in Orange County, California coordinating citywide conventions in Anaheim and Los Angeles, as well as producing media for corporate event clients. Relocating to the Central Coast, Curt obtained both his real estate broker’s license and general contractor’s license, successfully operating a residential real estate and custom homebuilding business. After nearly 20 years in construction and real estate, Curt stepped out of construction to pursue other passions, including the authoring of two books on Santa Ynez Valley history – Buellton and Solvang – for Arcadia Publishing. An avid hiker and backpacker who has traversed the entire 210-mile John Muir Trail, he leads hikes and has taught outdoor skills for REI (Recreation Equipment Incorporated). Curt is Relevé Unlimited’s dedicated Bacara Resort & Spa Account Manager.

Sarah MeierhoeferSarah Meierhoefer

Lead Program Manager

When I’m not working, you’ll find me kickboxing.

Something that might surprise you about me is that I’m from Germany and German was my first language.

One of my favorite quotes is “So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” – Marilyn Monroe

Sarah entered the hospitality industry as the Events and Catering Manager for Fess Parker’s Wine Country Inn, coordinating events ranging from weddings, meetings, and social events to corporate programs. As Wine Club administrator for Rusack Vineyards, she planned and executed wine club events and social events, including a royal dinner. Skilled in exceeding her clients’ goals while managing budgetary, logistical, and aesthetic requirements, Sarah is an important member of the Relevé Unlimited event planning team. She received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Shannon HazardShannon Hazard

Program Manager

When I’m not working, you’ll find me Hmm… at the gym, on the soccer fields (I’m not that “Crazy Soccer Mom” – I’m that “Type A Coach”), and spending time with my three daughters who keep me on my toes!

Something that might surprise you about me is that I’d choose books over TV any day: My favorite way to spend a Sunday morning would be in bed with my oldest daughter reading the day away!

One of my favorite quotes is “We make a living by what we get, but a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Shannon contributes more than 12 years of event planning, most notably as the Marketing Director for the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization (SBDO), as well as for the Solvang Conference and Visitors Bureau. Shannon’s passion for wine grew while working in tasting rooms and wine clubs for such well-regarded wineries as Beckmen Vineyards, Blair Fox Cellars, and Dierberg and Star Lane Vineyards. An alumna of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (degree in Recreation Administration with a concentration in Commercial Tourism), Shannon’s attention to detail, follow-through, and creative planning skills are key factors in Relevé Unlimited’s success.

Alan DennellAlan Dennell

Program Manager

When I’m not working, you’ll find me enjoying some of Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.’s finest craft beer selections at their original Buellton Taproom.

Something that might surprise you about me is that I have great taste in men’s shoes.

One of my favorite quotes is “The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.” – George Costanza, “Seinfeld.”

A lifelong Santa Barbara County resident, Alan graduated from Olive Grove High School while he pursued competitive BMX (bicycle motocross), achieving a Number 1 ranking in California State BMX and a Number 3 ranking in USA BMX. Alan took his passion for machinery to Allan Hancock College, where he studied Automotive Technology, graduating to work for two years in an automotive body shop, working on anything from light finish scratches to fabricating two cars together. The necessity for project organization and attention to detail that Alan practiced in automotive technology – and in becoming a nationally ranked scholar-athlete – have been essential to his success with Relevé Unlimited. Alan says of his first year with Relevé that, “I always look forward to each day at Relevé knowing that each day is different and brings a new challenge. Some days you’re in the office preparing a detailed client proposal for eight hours straight – or you’re out in the field setting up for an event you have been planning for months. My goal as far as event production is to always ‘Reach Higher’ (famous Relevé motto by Diane Hamilton).”

Fleet Hamilton

Fleet Hamilton

Director of Operations

When I’m not working, you’ll find me drinking great wine.

Something that might surprise you about me is that I’m a total science geek!

One of my favorite quotes is “Living well is not a sin; not appreciating it is.”

His Bachelor of Science in Agricultural & Managerial Economics degree from the University of California at Davis provided a solid background for Fleet’s career as a design engineer for Tracor Aviation and Lucas Aviation, then in directing professional services and operations for companies including Visionary Design Systems / Alventive, ISERA Group, and MedSeek, Inc. Fleet’s second career as a winemaker led to the ownership of Carivintâs Winery, where he has been “blending wine with philanthropy” for a decade, giving back to such groups as Best Friends Animal Society, Return to Freedom, and Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute (CIMWI). His diverse experience allows Fleet to analyze business issues from multiple perspectives to develop successful solutions and outcomes, and his experience with large public and private events are specifically suited to his work with Relevé Unlimited.