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DIANE’S POV: Love The Ones You’re With — The Importance Of Vendor Relationships

One of my top learnings in over 25 years spent building one of the California’s most respected destination management companies is the importance of vendor relationships. Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a special event can only succeed when all event partners understand and fulfill their individual roles, as well as their responsibility to ensuring guest satisfaction.

Importance of Vendor Relationships

Celebrating the Importance of Vendor Relationships at Our #ReleveRocks Vendor Appreciation Party

One of the key reasons clients hire a destination management company (DMC) is so they can manage one vendor relationship with their trusted DMC partner, rather than attempting to source and manage numerous new vendors or find perfectly suited venues in a new destination. The importance of vendor relationships that have been tested and trusted over time is key to the success of every event producer and DMC — we know that it may seem to be simple or less expensive to “Google “a vendor, but it’s another thing entirely to contract the contentment and safety of our attendees with an unvetted vendor.

Ongoing Vendor Education has been, and continues to be, one of the most important advantages to our company’s success. Most consumer-facing service companies have no idea how the meetings and events industry functions, or of the economic importance of the meetings industry, or of the high expectations of event attendees. Relevé Unlimited’s commitment to extraordinary customer service requires that our vendor partners share our philosophy.

Relevé Unlimited’s team of program managers has been schooled in the importance of vendor relationships. Our program managers check in with frequent phone calls and site visits to our vendor partners, making sure that everyone understands the strategic importance of every piece of the event production puzzle.  To avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications, we put everything in writing, following up all verbal communications and requests with e-mails and detailed written agreements. We check in with our vendors and venue partners multiple times prior to, and during, program operations — and we request detailed vendor feedback to make sure we manage additions, changes and “hiccups” in a seemingly seamless manner.

Most vital to Relevé Unlimited’s winning vendor partnerships has been respect: We make sure our vendors know how essential they are to our company. Our vendor partners are part of our Relevé Team — together we all work hard, play hard, REACH HIGHER.

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