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Tag Archives: Point of View

Welcoming Millennial Event Professionals to the Party

“Submitted for your approval, or at least your analysis”*…. the time for Millennial Bashing has passed: It is more than time for Baby Boomers and Gen Xers in corporate leadership to welcome Millennial Event Professionals as a generation come of age and eager to take the reins. Indeed, Millennials surpassed Gen Xers as the largest Read More

Risk Management in Event Planning — DMCs Assure Safe and Seamless Events

Now more than ever, risk management in event planning leads the meeting professional’s list of concerns. Incidents like the recent Las Vegas and San Bernardino shootings, or threats natural disasters of Zika virus or hurricanes, have meeting planners honing their risk assessment plans. Highly pressured meeting professionals plan an average of five to nine events Read More

Business Ethics and Trusted Partnerships

The Importance of Business Ethics and Trusted Partnerships 2017 marks the 26th year Relevé Unlimited has been in business as a destination management company (DMC), and the importance of business ethics remains a cornerstone of our company culture. When BETA (Business Executives Travel Association) was growing from a soft adventure company to a full-fledged DMC, Read More