A Walk on the Beach…

The appeal of California’s Pacific Coast is undeniable.  Even during times of normalcy, it is a sought-after destination.  Current times are showing that even in a time of crisis it holds an allure for many people seeking solace, sunshine, surf, and socialization.   It has always been a place of

Thank you Firefighters

We are saddened to see another terrible start to California’s wildfire season. Currently, Northern and Central California are experiencing over 1.5 million acres burned with main causes from a lightening siege that stuck throughout the state on August 17th.  We’d like to take a moment to thank our CAL Fire

Reintroducing… Santa Barbara Wine Country

Where wine pours, memories are made!   This week we want to share the bounty of experiences you can enjoy while visiting Santa Barbara Wine Country.  Santa Barbara County has a rich history of winemaking and wine growing, stretching back more than 300 years to California’s Mission Era. The industry

Advice for a New School Year

Building Your Emotional Resilience As the school year begins with remote learning for many students and parents; it is a good time for a mental check in. How we face these challenges helps shape who we are in almost every aspect of our life. If you’re like me, a parent

What’s Trending Now?

What’s Trending Now? We have reached the halfway point of 2020, a year that will not be long forgotten, but one which many of us might like to forget. At the onset of this year’s pandemic toilet paper and bottled water were flying from store shelves. Staples like rice, flour

The Beat Goes On!

The Beat Goes On at Relevé One positive result of COVID-19 and my time spent sheltered-in has been the time I’ve taken to discover new music! I’ve always gravitated towards music I listened to while growing up. My mom always had a steady stream of tunes playing at home – Trini Lopez, Andy Williams,

Embrace Your Inner Super Hero!

BE A HERO Conference Theme We were tasked to put on our CREATIVE CAPES and design a vibrant, MULTIVERSE SUPER HERO themed Conference. We’re based in California, which means we produce our fair share of beach and wine-country focused event themes. So we were ecstatic about this new challenge and chance to put our CLAIRVOYANT POWERS to work

The Benefits of Family Time During COVID-19

The Benefits of Family Time during COVID-19  No matter how you look at it, the last four months have changed our lives in ways no one ever expected.  While we were required to shelter in place, we had to find a way to see the positive of it all, especially