Passion, determination, focus, and fortitude are the qualities that won our president Diane Hamilton a coveted “Top 10” ranking in the demanding sport of the Triathlon. Those same qualities provided the foundation from which Diane built her own “soft adventure” company, Pathfinder Tours.

In the early 1990’s, Pathfinder Tours provided leisure and corporate groups with bicycling and hiking tour experiences throughout Santa Barbara wine country, evolving in 1995 into a full-service destination management company (DMC): Business Executives Travel Association, Inc. – BETA, for short.

As BETA grew and delivered exceptional Santa Barbara corporate and incentive events for dozens of Fortune 500 clients, we were asked by those same companies to provide full-service site selection, destination management and event production services across the globe.

In 2005, Diane led her BETA team through a company restructure and rebranding to become Relevé Unlimited, offering the ultimate in one-stop event and festival production services in addition to our core destination management and event design offerings.

“Relevé” is the French ballet term for “on your toes” or “reach higher” – and exemplifies the elevated sense of excitement, and dedication to excellence, that Diane and her entire Relevé Unlimited team embrace.

Elevate Your Events with Relevé Unlimited to REACH HIGHER success.